Record In-Snap is Here - Online Like In-Person

By: Snap Audition, June 6, 2024
Record In-Snap is Here - Online Like In-Person

We are excited to announce a groundbreaking new feature to Snap Audition: Record-in-Snap, including Sight Reading.

Finally, asynchronous recorded auditions like they're in person.

Want the convenience of online auditions, but are afraid entrants will record a billion tries, cheat, or sight-reading won't be possible? Record-in-Snap, solves all those problems and more..

Setup unlimited items to record, how many minutes and tires, and even sight reading.

Use our amazing integration with Sight Reading Factory (coming soon), or upload music or anything else to show them. Even have the system randomly pick what to show.

Plus, this amazing feature works seamlessly with the Snap Judging (adjudicating) system.

What are you waiting for? Sign up an create an audition now with Snap - the most affordable and amazing audition platform for all arts organizations.

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