Get Acceptd vs Snap Audition

Get Acceptd

Get Acceptd is an audition and application system used mostly by college music departments. While auditions play a significant role in college music admissions, they are not the primary focus of the Get Acceptd system. Instead, Get Acceptd's main focus lies in its recruiting tools

When a potential student (applicant) creates a Get Acceptd profile, typically to apply for a college or other audition, any college music department utilizing the Get Acceptd marketing tools can connect with (market to) them. It's like LinkedIn for college music. Essentially, Get Acceptd provides student data to college recruiters through its marketing tools.

Features for Get Acceptd, and their, "Audition Room" products are unknown since they are not publicly advertised. You will need to sign up for a demo to learn about their features.

Get Acceptd's pricing is complex and expensive, especially if you are looking to use it only for auditions or applications. Pricing is difficult to find via the website, but as of 2023, the minimum for any organization to use the platform was $3,600, with applicants often paying fees ranging from $30 to $35 per submission!

Snap Audition

Snap Audition is an online platform focused on making auditions easier to run. The focus of Snap is just that - running auditions from small to complex.

Snap's system has three main functions: 1) Management, 2) Registering, and 3) Judging. With the same Snap Account (login), you can do all three roles and for multiple organizations. Go here to learn more about Snap's features.

Snap is absolutely free to use for up to 100 auditions a year. If you need more auditions or, multiple organization admins or judges, it's $2-$3 per audition, or free to use if you choose for the entrant to pay. In that case, it's $5.50 per audition (unlimited rounds).

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