Online Auditions - The Old vs The Snap Way

Running an online-submission audition? Avoid the logistical nightmare with Snap Audition.
The Old Way

Management & Setup
  • Spreadsheets
  • Payment Form
  • Registration Form
  • Website for Instructions
  • Organize Judges Manually
  • Anonymize Entrant One by One
  • Collect Scores
  • Calculate Results
  • Publish Results Manually
  • Send Feedback? Ugh.
One App
Done in Minutes
Entrant Registration & Uploading
  • Find Instructions
  • Register
  • Pay Fee on another
  • Upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube..
  • Get feedback? Maybe.
One App
Easy for Entrants
  • Endless Email Judge Communication
  • Clunky & Slow Judge Process
  • Find video/audio on shared drive
  • Keep track of anonymous entrant IDs and who I'm scoring
  • Am I using the right rubric?
  • Did I judge all entrants?
  • What about feedback? What if I want to record audio feedback?
  • How do I send my scores?
  • Audit trail? Can the admin change my scores?
One App
Easy & Efficient
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