Snap Launched!

By: Eric DeGrove, Founder Snap Audition, November 14, 2023
Snap Launched!

Today I am proud to announce the launch of Snap Audition -- Your auditions just got a zillion times easier to run.

What is Snap Audition?

Snap is a platform which helps anyone running any type of audition, but it doesn't only help audition organizers. Snap is an audition management, registration, and judging (adjudicating) system all in one.

It all started with my kids. As a father, I help with numerous auditions (in-person & online). Each competition is a different maze of tasks. Fill out this form, pay there, upload here, show up there, but those mazes pale compared to administrating, adjudicating, and judging an audition (in-person & online).

As a software developer, musician, and entrepreneur, this got me thinking: is there a way to drastically cut down the time it takes, and improve the overall quality? Can my company develop a platform to make it easier and safer for students? Can we make it easier to judge?

We did it!

Last January I brought my team together to ask: can we build such a platform and can we do it this year? The answer was yes, and so the hard work began. We were motivated, not only to make auditions run smoother, but also more equitably. We couldn't do it alone though. It had to be built from the insight of leaders from the arts and education communities. Thank you to all those below who gave their valuable insight to make Snap a reality.

See our advisors below and make sure to enter our Pet Pic Contents for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card.