Why Culture Matters In Music Education

By: Podcast Episode: David Duarte, May 5, 2024
Why Culture Matters In Music Education

In the Interview with David Duarte on the Snap Audition Podcast he has a pretty cool take on his approach to running his music classroom. He's all about the vibe, the atmosphere, the culture. He reckons it's even more crucial than the actual stuff he's teaching. Why? Because if the culture's off, the teaching won't land.

So, what's he mean by culture? Well, it's all about the routine and expectations. Like, when his students stroll in, they know the drill. Set up the chairs, get the music ready. They kick off three minutes past the hour, and when he starts chatting, they're all ears. It's not about these specific tasks, it's about the whole vibe he's created for his class.

David share a funny story about how one of his substitutes was a bit take a back when they really did not have to much to facilitate his class and notes so his sub ends up not doing much. Why? Because his students have their own groove. He surmizes that they probably make more music when he's not around, because they're all about listening, playing, and performing. So, even when he's not there, the whole hour is buzzing with activity.

In a nutshell, Duarte's classroom culture is all about expectations that are met from start to finish. It's not just about teaching music, it's about creating a space where music can truly come alive.

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