Podcast Episode: Enion Pelta

By: Eric Degrove, April 21, 2024

In the latest Snap Audtion Podcast, Eric has an intriguing conversation with Enion Pelta, a Colorado-based violinist, violist, composer, and music teacher. They talk about her 25 years as a professional musician, touring internationally with her band Taarka, performing regularly with Juno award-winning banjo player Jayme Stone, award-winning bluegrass band the RailSplitters, and many others. Enion talks about her experiences auditioning for various orchestras and shares one particularly amusing situation where she was so nervous that her eyes dried up, and her contact lenses popped out. Eric and Enion have a frank convo about what folks who are running auditions can do to make sure that the audition process mimics what they are auditioning for, including why the community dynamics in an orchestra or symphony are so important and addressed in the audition process.

Check out her latest album: enionmalkah.bandcamp.com/album/dedicated-dig

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