Podcast Episode: Henrique De Almeida

By: Eric DeGrove, June 12, 2024

Henrique De Almeida, a native of Brazil, began drumming as a child and by 17 touring the world with Brazilin pop stars. After graduating from Berklee with a degree in Jazz Composition, Henrique served as drummer for the US Air Force Academy Band, before returning as professor to Berklee in 2011. Today, Henrique lives in Colorado Springs where runs, ⁠The Drum Set Coach Academy⁠.

Henrique has performed for The President of the United as well as with fellow artists, David Ellefson (Megadeth), Victor Wooten ( Bela Fleck & The FleckTones) Steve Hunt (Allan Holdsworth), Dave Samuels (Spyro Gyra) Jerry Bergonzi, Pop Star Gloria Estefan, Nat Adderley, Bill Cosby, Dave Valentin, Tiger Okoshy, Larry Coryell, Jeff Berlin, Nelson Rangel, Jeff Narell, Ira Sullivan, Victor Mendonza, Danilo Perez, Phil Wilson, Baron Brown (Vital Information & Steps Ahead), Matt Garrison (John McLaughlin) , Bill Summers (The Head Hunters) Betty Carter, Nando Lauria, (Pat Metheny Group) Brazilian Pop Stars: Alceu Valenca, Gilberto Gill, Raul De Souza, Luiz Gonzaga, Hermeto Paschoal, Katy Webster, among many others.

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